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ADHD Skills CoverAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Knowledge and Skills



Authors: Marjorie Montague & Cynthia Warger




This comprehensive manual provides you with what you need to learn--and help others learn--about the knowledge and skills that are essential to educating students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


The manual is organized around the following topics:

  • Characteristics and needs of students with ADHD.
  • Policy and procedures governing services for students with ADHD.
  • Assessment and identification.
  • Intervention for students with ADHD.
  • The role of collaboration and teamwork.

Each section contains background information, lecture notes, discussion questions, activities, roleplays, overheads, and handouts.


The manual has been successfully field tested in inservice workshops and in university teacher and administrator preparation courses. It is an excellent aid for school-based teacher study teams as well.


Table of Contents


Introduction to the Training Program 1

About the Training Program 2

Using the Training Program 4

Orienting the Participants 5

References 7

Appendices 25


Chapter 1: Characteristics and Needs of Students with ADHD 15

Background Information 15

Primary Characteristics of ADHD 17

Inattention 17

Hyperactivity 17

Impulsivity 17

Associated Behaviors and Characteristics of ADHD 18

References 19

Agenda for Training Session 20

National Organizations 24

Appendices 25


Chapter 2: Policy and Procedures Governing Services for Students with ADHD 37

Section 504 Requirements 38

Legal Decisions Affecting Educational Services for Students with ADHD 40

School District Procedures 42

References 42

Agenda for Training Session 43

Appendices 49


Chapter 3: Assessment and Identification of Students with ADHD 67

Diagnostic Process for ADHD 68

Components of Educational Assessment of ADHD 68

Commonly Used Instruments for Identifying ADHD 70

Using Diagnostic Information to Identify Students 73

References 75

Agenda for Training Session 77

Appendices 81


Chapter 4: Interventions for Students with ADHD 105

Background Information: Medical Treatment Approaches 105

Background Information: Behavioral Therapy 107

Background Information: Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions 108

Background Information: Task/Environmental Stimulation 110

Background Information: Parent Involvement 111

Background Information: Planning Instructional and Managerial Programs for Students with ADHD 113

Putting It All Together: Developing an Accommodation Plan for Michel 116

Summary 120

References 120

Agenda for Training Session 122

Appendices 131


Chapter 5: The Role of Collaboration and Teamwork 161

Background Information: Preparing for Team Role Plays 162

References 165

Agenda for Training Session 166

Appendices 175


Read excerpts of this publication in PDF:
Introduction to the Training Program
Needs Assessment