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Boundless Learning Co-Teaching Products


Boundless Learning LogoEnhance student learning in inclusive classrooms with Boundless Learning Co-Teaching products:

The Boundless Learning Co-Teaching approach is designed to answer the need for high-performing, co-teaching partnerships that can produce results in 21st century schools. Boundless Learning co-teachers work together to implement team-based instruction with protocols and technology that provides all students, including students with disabilities, with access to the general education curriculum and results in them reaching state performance standards.

A primary goal of the Boundless Learning Co-Teaching approach is to strengthen co-teaching partnerships through the use of:
  • Principles for high-performance teaming.
  • Protocols and plans for operation.
  • Technologies for productivity and collaboration.
In Boundless Learning Co-Teaching these three dynamics are used to guide co-teachers as they build, implement, and advance their partnership. Typically, Boundless Learning co-teachers use:
  • Evidence-based instructional practices and a wide range of technology tools to optimize student engagement and learning.
  • The Team-Based Cycle of Instruction, which divides the class period into defined time periods for teaching and learning tasks.
  • A variety of grouping structures, accommodations, and technology tools to differentiate instruction and support specialized learning needs.
Boundless Learning Co-Teaching can have a positive impact on teaching and learning. For example, Boundless Learning Co-Teaching has been found to:
  • Improve teaching performance in instructional delivery, behavior management, inclusive practices, and technology integration.
  • Promote a Universal Design for Learning technology-rich learning environment.
  • Promote student engagement, increased student achievement and improved behavior among students, including those with special needs.
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