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Amazing DiscoveriesAmazing Discoverer's Club
Manual and Videotape (VHS)



Authors: Tanis Bryan & Cynthia Warger







Find out how educators across the country are enhancing their afterschool and extended day programs with the Amazing Discoverers Club. Designed for children in grades 5-12, the Amazing Discoverers Club offers a fun and clever way to reinforce academic and social skills while students are learning about what influences them.


Thematic units cover such topics as: appearance, first impressions, humor, advertising, heroes, advocates, emotions, and health. Each activity engages students in a scientific discovery where they use their observation and interviewing skills. As children learn what makes them and others "tick"--a topic of great interest to youngsters--they are also developing skills for life.


The guide provides educators with step-by-step lesson plans and instructions on how to set up an after school club (including a prototype proposal for requesting start-up funds from local sources). Blackline masters for all handouts and activities are included. A 10 minute video tape (VHS format) shows Amazing Discoverers Clubs in Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans, LA, and Miami, FL. The club has been successfully field tested.


Table of Contents

1) Introduction: Welcome to the Amazing Discoverers Club! Introduction 1-48

2) Integrated Thematic Unit: How Appearances Influence Us 49-80

3) Integrated Thematic Unit: How Humor Influences Us 81-98

4) Integrated Thematic Unit: The Influence of Heroes and Advocates 99-134

5) Integrated Thematic Unit: A Healthy You 135-154

6) Integrated Thematic Unit: How Emotions Influence Us 155-194


Read an excerpt of this publication in PDF.