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JSET Special Topical Issue:
Assistive Technology and Support Provision for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Monograph 4

Table of Contents:


Introduction to the Topical Issue
Brian R. Bryant

Human Functioning, Supports, Assistive Technology, and Evidence-Based Practices in the Field of Intellectual Disability
Ruth Luckasson and Robert L. Schalock

Support Needs of Adults with Intellectual Disability Across Domains: The Role of Technology
Michael L. Wehmeyer, Marc J. Tassť, Daniel K. Davies, and Stephen Stock

Integrating Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Peer Support for Students with Disabilities: A Social-Ecological Perspective
Kimberly Wolowiec Fisher and Karrie A. Shogren

Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities Use of Assistive Technology Devices in Support Provision
Brian R. Bryant, Soonwha Seok, Minwook Ok, and Diane Pedrotty Bryant

Is There an App for That?
Karen H. Douglas, Brian W. Wojcik, and James R. Thompson



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