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Implementing Solve It! A Professional
Development Guide for Facilitators



Author: Marjorie Montague

ISBN# 1-931311-08-0




Solve It! A Practical Approach To Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving is a research-based program designed to teach students—especially those with learning disabilities and other math difficulties—the cognitive processing skills necessary for solving math word problems. The companion guide, Implementing Solve It!, provides facilitators—teacher leaders, workshop presenters, teacher preparation faculty, and math consultants—with:

  • Background information.
  • Research summaries.
  • Practical activities.
  • Tools for supporting teachers in learning the Solve It! approach.

Also includes a CD-ROM containing the Solve It! documentary, PowerPoint presentation, and Solve It! program materials including student activity sheets, Solve It! assessments (in English and Spanish), and classroom instructional supports.


Manual & CD-ROM

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