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Solve It! Mathematical Problem-Solving Products

With more than a decade of research in hand, in 2003 Dr. Marjorie Montague developed the Solve It! instructional approach, designed to improve math problem solving in students with math difficulties and students with learning disabilities. Recently, Dr. Montague and her colleagues developed an adapted version of Solve It! for use in inclusive classrooms (Grades 7-12 and Grades 5-6). Their research showed that using Solve It!, students in inclusive classrooms could be taught how to solve math word problems quickly and efficiently.

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Solve It!

Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving in Inclusive Classrooms. (Grades 7-12) 
Author: Marjorie Montague 
Read Research Base

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Solve It!

Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving in Inclusive Classrooms. (Grades 5-6) 
Authors: Jennifer Krawec & Cynthia Warger 
Read Research Base

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Solve It! (Third Edition)

A Practical Approach to Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving Skills (Third Edition) 
Authors: Marjorie Montague & Cynthia Warger

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Implementing Solve It

imp-solveit A Professional Development Guide For Facilitators
Author: Marjorie Montague

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