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Boundless Learning Co-Teaching

Author: Lynne Mainzer

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The Boundless Learning Co-Teaching approach is designed to answer the need for high-performing, co-teaching partnerships that produce results in 21st century schools. Boundless Learning co-teachers work together to provide all students, including students with disabilities, with access to the general education curriculum and results in them reaching state performance standards. The guide provides co-teachers with:

  • An understanding of the Boundless Learning Co-Teaching approach, including the literature base that supports it.
  • Tools, protocols, activities to develop a high-performing co-teaching partnership.
  • Suggestions for enhancing their co-teaching experience and improve results.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Boundless Learning Co-Teaching

  • About Boundless Learning Co-Teaching
  • About This Guide

Chapter 2 – Understanding Co-Teaching: What the Literature Tells Us

  • Definition of Co-Teaching
  • Co-Teaching Features
  • Benefits of Co-Teaching
  • Benefits of Boundless Learning Co-Teaching: Impact and Voices from the Field

Chapter 3 – Getting Started with Boundless Learning Co-Teaching

  • Phase 1: Build the Co-Teaching Team
  • Phase 2: Implement Boundless Learning Co-Teaching
  • Applying Your Understanding

Chapter 4 – Phase 3: Enhancing Co-Teaching

Chapter 5 – References


  • Appendix A – Co-Teaching Activities
  • Appendix B – Co-Teaching Forms