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Solve It! Math Products on Sale

Through January 30, 2020, Solve It! math products are on sale. Use the coupon code SolveMath in our online store (https://www.exinn.net/solve-it/).  Act now to take advantage of a 15% discount. For a limited time, all shipping within the US is free on Solve It! math products on sale!

About Solve It! Math Products on Sale

Solve It! helps students solve math word problems. Through Solve It! students (grades 5 –12) learn the processes and strategies used by good problem solvers. Similarly, successful students also include those with math difficulties, learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder.

The Solve It! approach is evidence-based. Consider these results. Students who learned Solve It!

  • Solved math word problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Increased correct-answer percentage on math word problems.
  • Outperformed students who received typical classroom instruction.
  • Demonstrated growth and improvement on their state math assessment.


Solve It! Math Products On Sale

Learn about the five Solve It! math products on sale. First we will discuss the four instructional versions. After that, we discuss the Solve It! professional development guide. 

All instructional versions feature the Solve It! process steps. They also include metacognitive strategies. Steps and strategies are taught using explicit instruction and strategy instruction.

Most importantly, these versions contain what teachers need to teach Solve It! Examples include:

  • teaching guidelines
  • scripted lessons
  • extension activities
  • student materials masters
  • curriculum-based measures
  • Excel® spreadsheet application for creating progress charts

Solve It! versions differ with regard to student accommodations. Above all, many accommodations are embedded in the instructional approach. As a result, support is built in for students with learning disabilities and who struggle with math word problems. However, some versions also provide accommodations specific to student learning characteristics. For example, there are versions for students with autism spectrum disorder and for young children in grades 5 – 6.

Let’s move to Implementing Solve It! A Professional Development Guide for Facilitators. It provides background information, practical activities, and tools that deepen understanding of Solve It! It can be used by individuals, as well as by workshop leaders, teams of teachers, coaches, and staff developers. Includes the Solve It! video, presentation materials, and program materials. Read more at https://www.exinn.net/solve-it/implementing-solve-it-2/

Learn More! About Solve It! Math Products on Sale

Solve It! A Practical Approach to Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving Skills (3rd Edition). Designed for students (grades 7–12) in general education or small group settings. It is specifically helpful for students who are having difficulty solving math word problems. Includes the Math Problem Solving Assessment that helps determine a student’s knowledge of and attitude toward math word problem solving. https://www.exinn.net/solve-it-third-edition/


Solve It! is an evidence-based instructional approach that can be embedded into any mathematical curriculum that includes teaching math word problem-solving skills.Solve It! Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving in Inclusive Classrooms (Grades 7–12). Designed for students in general education inclusive classrooms. Instruction is streamlined for average-achieving students. Yet, it also offers suggestions for students who are low-achieving or who have math disabilities. Includes information on embedding Solve It! in regular math curriculum. https://www.exinn.net/solve-it/solve-it-grades-7-12/


Solve It! Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving in Inclusive Classrooms (Grades 5–6). Designed for students in general education inclusive classrooms. Adaptations to the basic Solve It! instructional approach focus on the developmental differences in young children. For instance, a scripted lesson on numeracy ensures that students can do the math operations in the word problems. https://www.exinn.net/solve-it/solve-it-grades-5-6/


TSolve It! Teaching Mathematical Word Problem Solving to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Focuses on the unique challenges faced by high-functioning students with autism spectrum disorder. Instructional accommodations include a multimedia academic story, graphic organizers, anaphoric cueing, think-aloud, and embedded rules. Includes a video of the author teaching Solve It! https://www.exinn.net/solve-it-2/


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