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Boundless Learning Co-Teaching Results Show Why It Is Successful!

Boundless Learning Co-Teaching is a successful instructional approach. This blog summarizes Boundless Learning Co-Teaching results during the last twenty years.

A Brief Look at Boundless Learning Co-Teaching

Boundless Learning Co-Teaching improves student achievement in twenty-first century schools. To do this, teachers first form high-performing, collaborative partnerships. Subsequently, co-teachers ensure that all students participate in the general education curriculum. All students include those with disabilities. As a result, more students reach state performance standards.

Results: Improved Classroom Performance

Thousands of students have benefited in Boundless Learning Co-teaching classrooms. For instance, positive results affect students:

  • With and without disabilities
  • Across all grade levels and content areas
  • Who reside in urban, suburban, and rural areas

We start by looking at results for elementary aged students. We follow these results for secondary aged students.

Elementary School Students

Students with disabilities in elementary classrooms often thrive in Boundless Learning Co-Teaching classrooms. These students

  • Are included successfully in their neighborhood schools
  • Improve their attendance
  • Increase their individualized education program goal attainment
  • Improve state assessment results

Secondary School Students

Students in secondary Boundless Learning Co-Teaching classrooms also tend to experience positive results.  Overall, these students improve their grades. In addition, they exceed standards on English and math state tests. In the same vein, students with disabilities increasingly participate in general education classes.

Teacher Performance When Engaging in Boundless Learning Co-Teaching Practices

Similarly, teachers engaged in Boundless Learning Co-Teaching also show positive results. Results indicate that Boundless Learning Co-Teaching improves special and general educator performance. For instance, co-teachers

  • Experience clear communication
  • Stay goal-focused
  • Make a commitment to maximizing co-teaching performance
  • Maintain engagement during co-planning and co-instructing
  • Understand co-teaching roles
  • Feel an “esprit de corps” with each other
  • Share a sense of urgency for improving student performance


Learn More About Boundless Learning Co-Teaching

Boundless Learning Co-Teaching results in improved learning for all students.

Exceptional Innovations publishes Boundless Learning Co-Teaching products (https://www.exinn.net/boundless-learning-co-teaching-products/). First we’ll describe the teacher guide. Second we’ll describe the administrator guide. Finally, we direct you to a link that describes Boundless Learning professional development.

Boundless Learning Co-Teaching (teacher guide) (https://www.exinn.net/boundless-learning-co-teaching-products/boundless-learning-co-teaching/) provides co-teachers with:

The Boundless Learning Co-Teaching administrator’s guide (https://www.exinn.net/boundless-learning-co-teaching-administrators-guide/) provides a step-by-step approach to supporting co-teachers. It offers tips and resources. These help administrators implement and monitor co-teaching. Also included are strategies for enhancing and sustaining co-teaching.

For information on Boundless Learning Co-Teaching professional development, visit http://boundlesslearning.org/