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General Instructional & Curricular Products

Exceptional Innovations publishes a variety of practical instructional materials—in print and eBook formats—for use in special education & inclusive classrooms. Topics include job skills, social skills, afterschool programs, teacher collaboration, and behavioral management. All products have been successfully field tested in schools across the country.

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Job-Related Social Skills

2017-02-18_10-56-36A Curriculum (Third Edition)

Authors: Marjorie Montague, Kathryn Lund & Cynthia Warger


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Afterschool Extensions


Print or eBook Available

Editors: Marjorie Montague & Cynthia Warger



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Teaching Social Skills

teaching-soc-skills A Practical Instructional Approach

Available as eBook Only
Authors: Robert Rutherford, Jane Chipman, Sam DiGangi, & Kathryn Anderson

$9.99 /  #e-tss001-A
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Or order individual skill packets (see Details)

Strategies for Teacher Collaboration

strategies-teacher-collab-cover-SM Available as eBook Only

Authors: Loviah Aldinger, Cynthia Warger, & Paul Eavy

$7.99 / #e-933c 

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The Consultant Diagnostician

Consultant-Diagnostician-cover Available as eBook Only

Authors: Cynthia Warger, Loviah Aldinger, & Paul Eavy

$3.99 / #e-934c 

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A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Social Skills

Cover-Only-Collab-Approach-TSS Available as eBook Only

Authors: Cynthia Warger and Robert Rutherford

$9.99 / #e-CAT369  

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Amazing Discoveries


Out of Stock
Authors: James Bryan & Tanis Bryan

$139.00 / #AMZ002

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Partnerships in Place

partners_in_place A Specialist’s Guide To Teaching Social Skills

Available as eBook Only

Authors: Cynthia Warger, with Tanis Bryan & Colleagues

$9.99 / #e-pip202

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